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Teich Data Services, LLC has been providing automated solutions to TAM agencies since 1998.  Experience our time saving solutions today!

TAM to TAM Database Extractions and Mergers

Utilities will extract specified customers and prospects from source TAM system and merge into a target TAM system.  Move an entire agency or a single producer’s book of business.  Agency provided mapping of policy types, company codes, etc. is performed on the data prior to merging into the new system to minimize cleanup.  I am currently mapping more than 20 categories.  Specified custom dec pages may be moved.  The general ledger can also be merged if required.  More Info...


Import Main Customer and Billing Screen from Non-TAM Systems

Quickly move basic customer information from non-TAM systems into TAM.  Transferred data is dependent on the ability to gather data from the reporting systems of the source systems.  This process can usually be completed within a week and should include adequate information to complete the main customer screen and billing screens.  Please contact Teich Data Systems LLC for a free evaluation of the information that can be moved.

Assign Department Codes Based on Default Policy Types

This is primarily applicable to agencies wanting to start using department codes or make major modifications to their department code choices.  Teich Data Services can reassign billing screens, current and future transactions.  Closed month transactions can also be changed if the agency accepts the resulting disconnect between the general ledger and the customer transactions.

Agency-Branch-Department Restructuring

Redefine the Agency-Branch-Department structure to meet the agency’s current needs.  Reset the system as you would have wanted it if you had fully understood TAM’s capabilities when you first bought the system.

General Ledger Restructuring

Revamp the Income Statement and Balance Sheet to better reflect your agency’s reporting needs.

Import Excel Budget File into TAM General Ledger 

Budgets prepared in specified format in Excel can be imported into TAM, saving the tedious steps of re-entering, debugging, etc.

Change Accounting Year Without Data Loss

Change the TAM accounting year without losing historical accounting information.  Retained Earnings are modified to meet the new accounting year requirements, income and expense numbers are recalculated for the new accounting period.